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Setup Second Telegram Account Using Free SMS Services

After the emergence and rapid use of smartphones, messaging has increased by leaps and bounds. After WhatsApp, the other popular medium of messaging that has made a place in the hearts of many is Telegram. 

Just like WhatsApp, people now use Telegram not just for personal use but also for professional purposes. Often, you will come across people whining about mixing personal and professional contacts. This happens when you use only one Telegram account. 

To help you get rid of the confusion, today, we have come up with an innovative process by which you can set up another Telegram account. Also, we will discuss how you can receive SMS online and verification code in the Telegram app via 

However, before we get into creating a second telegram, it is important to educate you a bit about the Telegram app. So let’s dive into the blog now.  

What is the Telegram app? 

Telegram is a cross-platform messaging app that is widely used. Since it offers enhanced privacy and specific encryption features, Telegram has gained immense popularity quickly. However, Telegram’s supportive features for large group chats make it more popular. 

For business purposes, one can use Telegram and create their business groups to suit their business needs. Besides, the Telegram app does not have any connection with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., thereby making it all the more appealing. 

How to create a second telegram account? 

If you need to create a second telegram account, you need another phone number. Unfortunately, this means you cannot have two telegram accounts with one SIM card. However, if you are facing the problem of taking two SIM cards from one company, you can choose to take cards from two different companies. 

The quickest and easiest way to set up an account in Telegram is by using the temp phone number. The Temp number service will allow you to receive SMS online at ease. With the temp number, you can also initiate the cycle and use the phone number for private uses. 

If you have to have more than one Telegram account, you must follow one condition. You have to have more than one phone number and register your phone number in the telegram account.

Given below are the simple steps that you can follow to create an account in Telegram: 

Step 1: Open the telegram app. 

Step 2: You will find three parallel lines in the upper left-hand corner. Click on that.

Step 3: Now tap on the ‘+ add account’ option that appears under your username. 

Step 4: Soon, you will see a new screen popping up. 

Step 5: You need to add the country phone code to the new pop-up screen. 

Step 6: Now, it is time to enter the phone number. Use that phone number in which you want to register a telegram app. 

Step 7: Finally, press the arrow to move on to the next step. 

When you have two telegram accounts on the same mobile, you can switch from one account to another without hassle. This switching from one account to another entirely depends on the purpose of creating the telegram account. You do not have to freak out while using two telegram accounts, as it is similar to using multiple Twitter or Instagram accounts.  

Can you use Telegram without a phone number? 

If you have to use a phone, do you always need a SIM card inserted into it? Not necessarily. Since most people use smartphones these days, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection with good connectivity to use it. For example, if you use Telegram without a SIM card, it will appear to you as chats instead of messages. 

Later, you can insert a SIM card into your phone and register the phone number. Once you have added the phone number and registered your account in that phone number, you can take out the SIM and keep it aside. Then, the remaining work of messaging can be done via internet connection in the form of chats. 

How to get a verification code via 

The gives you the opportunity to sign up for a new account and get your profile verified in just a few steps. You can use this verification process for setting up a telegram account. Let’s get into the working of straight away. 

Step 1: First, you have to choose a country (precisely, in the one you reside) and then get a temporary phone number. 

Step 2: Now, use this phone number to sign up in your preferred app (in this case, the Telegram app). 

Step 3: After adding the phone number, an SMS will be generated into the number soon with a verification code prescribed in it. 

Voila! Your app verification through the is done! Now, you can use the Telegram app freely without any more interventions. 

How to modify an account in the Telegram app? 

You must be thinking that you need to have the phone number of people to find them in Telegram. The telegram app allows you to find people by entering their usernames in the search bar. This way, it becomes easy for you to locate people at ease. The username in Telegram is the alias name that a person fixes and the name by which his account is run. 

To make changes in your profile, these are the steps that you need to follow: 

Step 1: Open the telegram app. 

Step 2: Go to the three lines at the upper lefthand corner and click on them. 

Step 3: Tap on the profile that you want to modify. 

Step 4: Soon, you will see your photo, username, number and biography displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Click on the username. 

Step 6: Now, make the necessary changes. Ensure to use five characters only. 


Therefore, telegram phone verification is an essential step that no one can miss out on if one has to set up a telegram account. The has understood this and has brought about an innovative process to undergo the verification. So, try out the verification process as mentioned here and share your telegram experience with us.

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