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Create Fake Facebook Account Using Disposable Phone Number

Have you been thinking of creating a Facebook account for your business page? Then you will have to go through a phone verification process. Now, not all of us are happy about sharing our private numbers on a public platform like Facebook. So the best way out is to get hold of a disposable phone number and create a fake account for the business page! It can help you keep up your business and profile without giving out your number. 

Wish to know more before you go and get a virtual number? Then read on to learn more about the various advantages of disposable numbers, how you can get them, and more. Let’s get started.

Advantage Of Using Disposable Phone Numbers

Privacy Protection 

One of the most important things we have to keep in mind is that we have to protect our identity on the web. Thus, we cannot go around distributing our personal information like our private number. It can lead to unwanted online attention, cyberstalking, identity theft, etc. Thus, you should get a temp number to protect yourself. 

Works Globally 

The best part about disposable numbers is that they work globally. You can get hold of any number from any country you want. Most providers won’t even bother checking the location, so you can sign up to any website you wish, like Twitter, Facebook, and more. What’s more, these numbers do not require additional roaming charges. So you can check your messages even when you are out of the station. 


A temporary or disposable phone number is very convenient to use. You won’t have to maintain it all the time. If you want one, you have to go to a reliable virtual number provider online, sign up, and get your number within a few seconds. And after you are done with it, you can leave it as it is. Most of these numbers have a limited lifespan and will expire automatically in a few days. If you need to use another one, go onto the website and get it!

Protection From Spamming

We all know how irritating it is when random companies and brands get hold of our private number. They will keep hassling you about buying their products and services. And not only will they call, but they will keep sending you a slew of spam texts every other day. What’s more, your phone number can be passed on to other third-party applications for marketing purposes. Thus, to protect your number and peace of mind, we suggest getting a disposable phone number. 

How To Get A Disposable Phone Number?

Getting disposable phone numbers is very easy and mostly the same for every virtual number provider. So we will demonstrate how to get virtual numbers from Number4SMS to help you get a rough idea. 

  • First, go onto the Number4SMS website.
  • Next, select the country you wish to get your number from.
  • The website will automatically give you a number from the said country. And that is it! Your virtual number is now ready for use.

You can get top-ups now and then keep using the same temp number. You can also unlock additional features like SMS tracking and online calls for a nominal account.

Why Have A Fake Facebook Account?

You might be wondering why we are entirely okay about using a fake Facebook account – especially if you are taking part in the Facebook marketplace or have a business account. Here are some reasons why it is better to open a fake account –

Protect Your Private Number

The main motive behind making a fake Facebook account is when you are trying to protect your identity and your privacy. When you have signed up for Facebook’s marketplace or your business, you should keep your identity a secret. This way, your personal and your business life will remain separate. 

Avoid Spamming 

Another reason why we suggest getting a fake account is that you can avoid spamming. While conducting your business, you might come across bots or unnecessary people who are there to waste your time. You can block them, and they won’t harass you anymore. You can also save yourself from any individual who tries to spam you with texts and tries to sell you their products and services 

Chat Without Any Hesitation 

When you are conducting a business, are in a marketplace, or wish to make friends, you might be skeptical about the people you come across. But with a fake account, you can chat with people without the fear of cyber stalking or any other issues. Here, if you feel the other person is genuine, you can set up a meeting to talk, sell your product, and whatnot. And if the -person seems sketchy, you can just cut them off!

Now that you know how beneficial it is to create a fake Facebook account for your business, here’s how you can do it with the help of a virtual number.

How To Create A Fake Facebook Account With A Disposable Phone Number? 

  • First, obtain a disposable phone number with the help of the steps mentioned above.
  • Next, open the Facebook app or website.
  • Put down the essential login details like your name, address, etc.
  • Facebook will take you to the phone verification page, where you will put the virtual number you have obtained.
  • Open the virtual number website on another tab and open your disposable number inbox.
  • Your verification OTP will reflect in the inbox in a few minutes, and use that on the Facebook verification page.
  • And that’s it! You now have a working fake Facebook account to carry on your business ventures without hassle. 


And that is all you need to know about opening a fake Facebook account with a disposable number! It can help you maintain your privacy while getting what you want. So what are you waiting for? Follow the steps mentioned above and get your hands on a disposable phone number to create your account. All the best!

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