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How To Verify Yubo Account Using Number4SMS

Yubo is one of the most happening dating apps in the country now. And naturally, everyone is signing up to take this opportunity to go out on dates and meet their soul mates. But there is one little problem. Yubo now demands their users verify their phone numbers to open their profiles. However, most of us are not comfortable doing so. So what to do? Easy, get hold of a virtual number from Number4SMS!

But what are virtual numbers? How do you get one and use it to register for the Yubo app? Today, we are here to discuss all these details and help you date without divulging your private number. First, let us elaborate on why Yubo needs phone verification.  

Why Does Yubo Need Phone Verification 

Yubo, like any other app, wants to protect its users. But unfortunately, several fraudulent individuals and organizations are there to sign up for these apps to get hold of people’s numbers. These individuals will then try to talk to you or even sell your products and services that you don’t require. So, to save you from the hands of these people, Yubo tries to filter their customer list to let in only those who are genuinely interested in dating and have honest intentions.

While Yubo is trying to protect its clients with this new initiative, it has become a problem. Most of us are not comfortable giving out our private numbers to any app, no matter how well-protected their security is. After all, we do wish to protect our numbers as much as possible! Thus, to bypass this problem, we suggest holding a virtual number from Number4SMS! 

Now let us elaborate on what virtual numbers are.

What Are Virtual Numbers?

Virtual numbers refer to many internet numbers that are not linked to any physical phone line. These numbers are incredibly useful because they can be used to do SMS or call verification – be it for setting up their dating profile over Yubo or setting up their email. What’s more, these phone numbers can also be used for several other things like trace calls, receive calls, send bulk messages, and much more. 

These virtual numbers also have interesting features like message monitoring and others, but those are mostly required by business hubs trying to monitor and improve their SMS marketing strategy. Also, these additional features need to be unlocked with some extra money. 

Here are some reasons you will need a virtual number. 

Why Would You Need A Virtual Number 

  • The first most important reason you need a virtual number is privacy issues. Most of us are not comfortable divulging our private numbers on social media or dating app platforms. Thus, using a virtual number that cannot be tracked back to you is much better.
  • Next, several fraudulent individuals and organizations can use your numbers to try and contact you. They can try to sell their products or services and be incredibly pestering. To save yourself from such spamming, you can get hold of a virtual number. This way, you can sign up for the app and not get hassled either.
  • Dating apps mean meeting hundreds of people and getting to chat with them and know them before you go out on a first date. And even if you do go out on a date, there is no guarantee that the date will end well. So you might not be willing to hand out your private number during this time. It is best to get hold of a virtual number that allows you to get to know people first in such a situation. And then, if you think things are going well, hand out your private number!
  • As we explained, virtual numbers are internet numbers. They do not have any physical phone lines connected to them. Thus, if you are out of town but wish to continue using the dating app, you can easily do so without having to bear any roaming charges! Imagine how much money you can save.
  • Virtual numbers are accessible everywhere. So even if you are on the move and wish to check your messages or emails, you are free to do so! 
  • Lastly, suppose you do not wish your family members or relatives to know that you are on a dating app. Thus, it is best to keep our private number away since it can be used to track you on the dating app. So using a virtual number will ensure that you can look around for dating opportunities without worrying about people finding out! 

How To Get A Virtual Number 

Getting hold of a virtual number on Number4SMS is very easy. Here’s how you can do it –

  • Go to the Number4SMS website.
  • Select the country whose number you wish to obtain.
  • Next, you will receive a virtual number from your preferred country. 

Now that you have received your new virtual number, here is how you can use it to verify your Yubo account.

How To Verify Your Yubo Account With Virtual Numbers

  • First, open the Yubo app.
  • Start filling out the important details like your name, bio, any special comments you wish to add, your profile picture, and other details.
  • Next, when the phone verification portal opens, put in your new virtual number from Number4SMS.
  • Open a separate tab and visit the Number4SMS website.
  • Login to your number inbox, and you should receive the verification code within a minute or two.
  • Use the verification code on the phone verification portal, and that’s it! You now have a Yubo account, and you didn’t have to compromise your private number for it.


Thus we can conclude that using a virtual number from Number4SMS is better than using your private number to register on Yubo. It ensures complete anonymity and gets the job done. And now that you know how it is done, what are you waiting for? Head over to our website, get your virtual number and start messaging Yubo. All the best!

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