Why Should You Be Thinking About Using A Temporary Phone Number Right Now?

With the ever-increasing risks in today’s world, it is more important than ever for you to think thrice before sharing your personal number on online platforms. Imagine how frustrating it would be if someone were constantly calling you and spamming you with advertisement messages. 

That’s why temporary numbers exist! 

They’re designed to keep people like you safe from unsolicited calls and messages that could lead to identity theft, scams, etc.

Why do we need temporary numbers for verification purposes? 

Disposable numbers allow individuals to avoid unwanted attention. They are mainly used by entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses while registering online or downloading apps.

Temporary phone numbers can provide you with utmost protection when it comes to registering for online offers. However, many people prefer not to give their real numbers, fearing that fraudsters and scammers will hack them.

Where to purchase a reliable disposable number?

It’s easy to get a temporary phone number for your business on the internet. However, you must consider your source’s reliability and quality before acquiring one for yourself.  

Number4SMS offers virtual numbers that are perfect for disposable or short-term use. With their variety of value-added features, you’ll be sure to find the best option to suit your requirements.

Everyone knows somebody who has been called “literally every five minutes”! But what do temporary phone numbers have to offer besides protection from bothersome callers? 

Let us explore some facts about why we need them: 

1)  Data Privacy

It’s a bad idea to put your personal phone number on online apps and services as it could potentially be misused by people you don’t know or the company itself. However, a temporary phone number would be a good option if you want to keep your identity private.

2) Get your verification SMS codes while traveling abroad

Have you ever struggled to receive your SMS verification code from your bank while traveling? Or your Paypal code to validate an important transaction? When traveling abroad, you may be limited to receiving SMS on your physical SIM card because of operator restrictions. So having a virtual number allowing you to receive your SMS online no matter where you are in the world is a must-have. And it does not cost roaming fees!

3) Temporary number when you sell your items online

Everyone is happy to sell a car or apartment through a website online. Once the belongings are being sold, it’s annoying to keep receiving calls or SMS on your personal number. It’s the main reason why a temporary number is made for. Activate it and deactivate it as soon as you’re done with the sale.

4) Great for business use

If you run a small business, say an online store or even a website that needs updating regularly, you can benefit from having your own local number for customers to reach out to you. If you’re not comfortable giving them your home phone number for whatever reason, or you don’t have one to share.

5) Avoiding Sales Calls

Sales calls are just one of the many reasons you might want to have a temporary phone number. Purchasing a temporary number is a great way to avoid these spam calls without giving your personal number to a company you might not trust.

Although there are many more reasons to purchase a temporary phone number, we hope that you can see why it is such a useful tool for so many people! Whether the problem is work-related or simply something that affects your general lifestyle, we hope that we’ve shed a little light on the benefits you can receive from using a temporary mobile phone number.

Number 4 SMS boasts a wide experience in telephony systems, which will ensure that you are choosing the right partnership. So strike out all the hassles and inconveniences with a temporary number by using Number4SMS services today!

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Need a temporary number for your business?

Here at Number4SMS, we provide you with the best and most convenient way to obtain a temporary mobile phone number. 


Thus, we can conclude that SMS API integration into your business can be very beneficial for the future of your business. It will allow better and faster communication with your customers and clients, allowing you to maintain a healthy relationship with them for a long time! So what are you waiting for? Contact your SMS API provider today and get started! All the best!

Adding to it, Number4sms is another SMS API that can advise you on the different types of virtual numbers (mobile number, shortcodes, alphanumerical), which can be used as per the case. 

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